IPMA Research Board Commemorates Eight Years


IPMA Research Management Board and affiliate member Prof (Dr) Rajat K. Baisya (India), working with the Board, has produced a commemorative 2013 issue of the Research Newsletter.  Celebrating eight years of achievements, and tracking the contributions of each of the board members through the period, Rajat also congratulates the new 2013-14 IPMA Research Management Chair and Board.

Among the highlights of this massive 47 page issue of the newsletter are:

  • Rajat’s tracing of the history of the Research Management Board, from a group of interested volunteers, to a vital and unique set of offerings to the practice of project and programme management.
  • Tracing the many achievements of long-serving Board Chair Brane Semolic.
  • The establishment of IPMA Festival of Knowledge, joining practitioners, researchers, educators and executives in a unique new knowledge-sharing in participating Member Associations.
  • A welcome and announcement of the new members of RMB.
  • A major work by Brane, “Project Management Vision–Moving Forward to 2025.”
  • Another major work by Rajat, “Project Management Challenges in 2025.”
  • A retrospective by Brane, “8 Years of the IPMA Research Management Board.”
  • And last but not least, a celebration of the IPMA Research Award Winners from 2017-2012, a program based on the tireless dedication and efforts of Martina Huemann, Austria. While Martina celebrates the winners, we all salute Martina’s unique achievement in bringing this crown jewel of Researcher recognition to IPMA!

See this massive commemorative 2013 issue of the Research Newsletter in the Research section of this IPMA website.

Thank you Rajat, Brane, and the entire Research Management Board!