“We Are IPMA” brochure is now available!


Introduced at the 26th IPMA World Congress in Crete, Greece, our We Are IPMA brochure has been over a year in development. Its production paralleled the development of IPMA’s new website, improving consistency in IPMA branding, while highlighting the strengths of the IPMA Family. Among those strengths is our recognition of the fact that projects aren’t successful, people are! And our Member Associations uniquely recognize the impact of interpersonal skills in projects–as much of 90% of success.

Thus, We Are IPMA is all about people: The volunteers who staff our IPMA Boards, our Member Association leaders, and the teams and committees that bring competence and professionalism to the world’s first professional project management association.

Given that IPMA is growing rapidly, the map of Member Associations on the back page will quickly be out-of-date; this page will report updates during the life of this IPMA brochure.

We Are IPMA will be available through your Member Association, or from the IPMA Secretariat. Of course, the brochure will also be available at the 2013 IPMA World Congress in Dubrovnik, Croatia in early October.

If you wish to download a copy for viewing, you can do so from this link. We also have versions that are available to Member Associations for high-quality printing.

Thank you for your interest in competent and performing programme and project management?