IPMA Trademarks

Registration MarkIPMA has registered our brands as trademarks. Trademark registration, in addition to other privileges, means that others cannot use our trademarks without our permission, or without acknowledging our ownership of them.

You cannot, for example, legally use our IPMA ICB® in a name or service, or even a website, such as IPMA-ICB-Training.net, in the same International class or classes we have registered it in.

This means that training companies, consultants, conference organizers, Universities or individuals may not use IPMA registered trademarks, except in specific cases where certain trademarks are explicitly permitted for use, such as for those certified in IPMA’s 4-L-C Certification programme.

IPMA Marks
The following marks are registered trademarks of IPMA in Switzerland and other countries:

  • IPMA®
  • IPMA Level A®
  • IPMA Level B®
  • IPMA Level C®
  • IPMA Level D®
  • IPMA Delta®

In addition, IPMA owns the following trademarks; we have used them globally for up to 10 years:

  • Project Excellence™
  • Project Excellence Awards™
  • Project Excellence Baseline™
  • Organizational Competence Baseline™

ipma logoThe IPMA Graphic Logo is also a registered trademark in Switzerland and other countries. All those who are authorised to use the IPMA Graphic Logo must include the registration mark. Please note the correct placement of the registration mark in the logo at right.

Please contact us if you are authorised to use our logo, and you do not have the official version of the graphic. We can make it available in multiple formats. Thank you!

Use of IPMA Trademarks
Only IPMA and IPMA Member Associations have the right to use these marks as permitted in their current Membership Agreement. Still, we all must follow the same guidelines as everyone else, to protect our mark. Those guidelines include:

  1. The first time an IPMA trademark is used in a document, it must show the ® mark, and the bottom of the page, the front pages of a book, or at the end of the document, must include the statement (using IPMA ICB as our example), “ICB is a registered trademark of IPMA in Switzerland and other countries.”
  2. In electronic use, such as on a website, the ® or ® mark must be shown the first time the mark is used on any page. In one accessible place on the website there must also show the same statement as above, IPMA ICB is a registered trademark of IPMA in Switzerland and other countries.
  3. We discourage the use of the ® mark more than once per page for the same trademark. Thus, a page that contains multiple mentions of IPMA ICB, for example, should not have the ® mark each time.
  4. Note the convention that we prefer for the registration mark. Where possible, it is below the vertical centerline of the letters. This is our consistent style preference. On websites we achieve this with code: <sub>®</sub>. We realize that sometimes this is not possible.
  5. Where it is easy to do, we also prefer sans serif typefaces for the registration mark, and also prefer (where possible) to make it slightly smaller than the text, so it does not increase line height.
  6. As alluded to in the example with the IPMA ICB above, the IPMA brands are not to be combined with other words in any commercial, governmental, educational, or not-for-profit organization’s printed or electronic materials; that is a violation of our trademarks.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration in your use of our IPMA intellectual property!