PE Award Training


Professional assessment of the projects applying for the Award is possible thanks to the mature process of training and mentoring. We constantly turn years of experience into action. That’s how we make sure that all of the applying projects have a chance to be assessed according to the highest standards. From 2013 we also offer the webinars for potential applicants.

Training Calendar 2014:

Date Type of training Title Trainers Training fee
 2 December 2013


Training for corporates: Introduction to PE Award and Model Erik Mansson
Michael Boxheimer
free of charge
20 January 2014 Webinar
Training for corporates: Introduction to PE Award and Model Erik Mansson
Michael Boxheimer
free of charge
21-23 February 2014 Warsaw, Poland
Application process is closed
Training for Assessors:
Project Excellence Standard* and Advanced Assessors** Training
Pau Lian Staal-Ong
Graham Woodward
Grzegorz Szalajko
Michael Boxheimer
350 Euro
10 March 2014 Webinar
Training for corporates: Introduction to PE Award and Model Erik Mansson
Grzegorz Szalajko
free of charge
15 March 2014 Webinar
Training for assessors:
Project Excellence Assessors Refreshment Training***
Grzegorz Szalajko
Pau Lian Staal-Ong
free of charge

It’s regular training which prepares to the assessor’s role. Read more about assessor’s role. It’s dedicated for everyone who wants to become an assessors in 2014 and also active assessors trained last time in 2011.

It’s a practical hands-on workshop for experienced assessors focused on knowledge exchange and shared development of most effective assessment practices. The program includes several real-world cases that are a subject for group discussions, simulated scenes and other exercises. They are carefully selected by most experienced TLA’s and turned into learning opportunities. The results are very useful in actual work of assessors and TLA’s. They are also used by AMBo to further improve Award processes and instructions such as TLA Manual.

This workshop is highly recommended to all TLA’s and potential TLA candidates and those assessors who done the assessment at least for 3 times in the last 5 years, – participated in the regular assessors training at least once within last 3 years.

For active assessors trained last time in 2011 and every active assessor who wants to refresh a knowledge about the assessment process and PE Model.
Time schedule 2014
Contact the in order to receive more details on each of these events.There are 3 types of training provided  as a part of the Project Excellence Award program:

Training for corporates Assessors Training (Foundation level, Standard training) Assessors Training (Expert level, Advanced training)
Overview Ideal for potential Award Applicants looking for the ways to select the best projects in their organizations, initially assess them and professionally present them to the Award Assessors. Experienced professionals interested in project excellence get a chance to learn the basics of the IPMA Project Excellence Model and assessment procedures. The best ones will have a chance to become the Award Assessors. Experienced Award Assessors exchange best practices on the most challenging elements of the assessment process and improve the assessment standards.
Participants Business leaders and experienced program, portfolio and project managers Experienced project and program managers Experienced Award Assessors and Team Lead Assessors (by invitation)

All of these training sessions are led by the experienced trainers who have participated in the Project Excellence Award process for several years. Also variety of participants from several industries and large amount of exercises give a great chance to exchange knowledge and experience in all areas of project management.


Pau Lian Staal-Ong (The Netherlands)

Pau Lian is senior consultant at AT Osborne B.V., an independent management and consultancy firm in the Netherlands. Since 1999 she has been working for principals in the areas of large infrastructure projects as well as for principals in mostly the public environment. Pau Lian helps organisations during change processes, fulfils positions in the field of quality management, carries out audits and (project) evaluations and delivers lectures and training. In addition, her work week centres on the NETLIPSE programme ( that focuses on gathering best practices and lesson learnt on the management and organisation of large infrastructure projects in Europe. Pau Lian is Programme Manager and Coordinator of the Stakeholder Participation & Communications interest group. Since 2007 Pau Lian has been involved as (lead) assessor of the IPMA Project Excellence Awards. In 2011 she helped initiate the Project Excellence Awards scheme in the Netherlands and acts as one of the Assessor trainers.


Graham Woodward (United Kingdom)

Graham has been practicing Project Management for over 40 years including being an external reviewer for the last 20 years.  He is qualified in PM to the highest UK standard, that of CPM & recently RPP. He has been involved in assessing awards for some 10 years, starting with the running of the UK National Awards for most of that time. He has brought this experience to the IPMA Awards from 2005 including training assessors for the last 5 years.  He has also contributed to the development of many other national awards processes worldwide.




Michael Boxheimer (Germany)

Boxheimer started his engagement with the PE Award in Germany in 2002. He is experienced in different roles: Assessor, Team Leader, Trainer, Applicant and Member of the Organisation Committee for the German Project Excellence Award. Since 2008 he is also an active member of the international PE community, eg, as IPMA´s PE Ambassador for Germany.His professional background: he worked for different international project driven companies, responsibilities ranging from project management to business results. Today he is designing and implementing Project- and Process- Management Systems to improve business results with customers in IT and engineering industry.


Grzegorz Szałajko (Poland)

Grzegorz is a strategic and project management advisor, trainer and coach that brings international experience and passion for projects to many organizations worldwide. He is involved in the Award process since 2005 when he became an assessor in the International PE Award. 3 years later he became a Team Lead Assessor. In these roles he has assessed various large and mega projects in Asia, US and Europe. As a co-author of the current assessors training program, Grzegorz became an official PE assessors trainer in 2009. As a result of his involvement in the development of the Award, in 2011 he became a member of the IPMA Awards Management Board. He has also contributed to the development of national Project Excellence Awards in Poland and Nepal. His main expertise includes strategic projects portfolio management, project governance, deployment of agile methods and recovering control in troubled projects.


aw_Marco Bujinsters_120x165px

Marco Buijnsters (The Netherlands)

Marco is since 2009 involved in both Dutch as well as international Project Excellence Award processes in various roles; initiator, organizer and assessor trainer in the Dutch PEA and internationally as Assessor, Team Lead Assessor, Team Lead Assessor trainer and co-author of the TLA-Handbook. He has assessed and audited a large number of projects for IPMA and his employer throughout the whole world in both public and private sectors. As a long time member of IPMA Netherlands he has participated in many interest groups and is currently chair of the Dutch Project Planning & Control interest group. Since 1984 he has been involved in project management, the management, development and training of project managers and project organisations and since 2007 as project management consultant on project planning & control for Balance in The Netherlands.


Brian Cracknell (Malaysia) M.A, M.B.A.,

Brian is Director of Language Works, a Malaysia-based company specialising in customising learning for organisations on topics such as Report Writing, Communication, Creativity and Innovation. He is a registered City & Guilds internal verifier and trainer for Teaching, Training and Assessing Learning. He has designed and delivered training programmes since 1983 in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Since 1996 he has led teams on training and development projects for Banking, IT, Telecommunications, Energy and Education sectors, and for government bodies. Brian has been a team lead assessor (TLA) for the IPMA Project Excellence Award since 2006.


Erik Mansson (Germany)

Erik Månsson has 20 years of experience of projects in different context including the launch of the Euro and programme manager for the Single Euro Payments Area. He is a member of the Swedish and German project management associations. In 2009 he received the Otto Zieglmeier Award for his promotion of project excellence world-wide including active yearly participation in project assessment since the first Award 2002, trainer for PE at numerous occasions in Europe and China and member of the Award Management Board since 2007. Since 2009 he has been in the jury for the German PE Award.


Ding Ronggui (China)

Ding Ronggui is a member of China Project Management Research Committee (PMRC). Since 2006, he has been an IPMA PE Award Assessor/ Team Lead Assessor and assessed projects in Germany, Russia, Italy, etc. Since beginning of 2007, he has been a member of the IPMA Award Management Board. Ronggui is a professor of Shandong University, and a visiting professor of Macao University of Science and Technology. He has been teaching project management for universities, companies and government departments in China and other countries. As an active project manager, he has completed successfully several important projects in different industrial and research fields, and his books are also well accepted by managers. Because of his outstanding outputs, he was honoured as an excellent talent by China Ministry of Education in 2007.

aw_Suraj Dahal_Suraj Dahal (Nepal)

Suraj Dahal is an avid advocate of the profession of project management and serves as the General Secretary of Project Management Association of Nepal (PMAN), a national member association of the International Project Management Association (IPMA). He has been managing social and development projects, programs, and portfolios since 2000. He has taught project management courses at prominent institutions in Nepal. He has been an Assessor for the IPMA’s International Project Excellence Award since 2010 and was a Co-Trainer for Assessors in 2011 in Kathmandu.