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IPMA & PMI® Renew Memorandum of Understanding


13 March, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. IPMA, the International Project Management Association, announces today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between IPMA and Project Management Institute. This is a renewal of cooperation between the two professional organisations that began in 1996, and has continued since, in multiple areas of common interest.

Photo by Les Squires
Photo by Les Squires

Discussions of the areas of interest for this renewal of the MOU began in mid-2013, and were finalized at the two professional associations’ respective Congresses. At the IPMA World Congress in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in early October, 2013, Carla Messikomer, PhD, Manager, Academic Resources with PMI®, met with IPMA board members, including Mladen Radujkovic (Croatia), IPMA President, and Reinhard Wagner (Germany), IPMA VP of Research, Awards and Standards.

Later in October, at the PMI North America Congress, in New Orleans, Mladen and Stacy Goff (USA), IPMA VP of Marketing & Events, met with Carla Messikomer and Stephen Townsend. Stephen is Director, Global Alliances & Networks at Project Management Institute. “Stephen has been a key participant in helping to coordinate the interests and approvals of the organizations,” acknowledged Stacy, thanking Stephen for his efforts.

The agreement cites the “intention of the Parties to benefit society by promoting the profession of project management globally, by pursuing their respective objectives… and by cooperating in advancing the profession…” The major area of common interest in this agreement us Research.

As IPMA President Mladen Radujkovic (Croatia) has stressed, “it is essential for the leading professional associations in project and programme management to work together to deliver the promise of our profession to our stakeholders, their organisations, and society. Continued Research must be the foundation of that successful delivery.”

Among the actions already taken and those planned, feature participation at each association’s Research events, including an IPMA Research conference held in Berlin in November, 2013, and a PMI Research conference planned for Portland, Oregon, USA in July 2014.

Prior Memoranda of Understanding included areas such as Education & Training, Certification, and Research. During each MOU renewal, the two associations discuss the areas of greatest current opportunity, and then develop plans to realise them. Of course, as project-oriented organisations, both associations evaluate results against the expected outcomes, thus continuing their relationships.

About Project Management Institute

PMI, founded in 1969, is a not for profit organization registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA,  whose global membership is comprised primarily of persons engaged in the practice of project management throughout the world and its principle offices are at 14 Campus Boulevard, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. PMI is recognized as an organization dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in effective and appropriate application of the practice and science of project management.

About International Project Management Association

IPMA, founded in 1965, is a not for profit organization whose membership is comprised primarily of some 60 national project management associations throughout the world. Its registered domicile is Fraumünsterstrasse 17, CH-8022 Zürich, Switzerland. In accordance with its Bylaws, IPMA’s objectives are to advance professionalism in project management.


Press Release Contact: Stacy Goff,


PMI is a registered trademark of the Project Management Institute in the USA and other countries.

IPMA is a registered trademark of the International Project Management Association in Switzerland and other countries.

IPMA Closing 2014 PPM Global Competence Survey

© Wavebreak Media; Thinkstock photos
© Wavebreak Media; Thinkstock photos

IPMA has just launched a new global survey, designed to collect information from project, program, and portfolio managers about your use of project standards.We are seeking respondents from all over the World, so we have a representative global sample.

This survey will help drive the content for the upcoming IPMA Competence Baseline version 4.0.

To inspire your participation, IPMA is offering an iPad Mini to one lucky winner, chosen at random, who completes the entire survey. Take the survey, which should require 10-15 minutes, by clicking here:

We urge you to complete the survey soon, because we will hold the drawing for the iPad Mini as soon as the 500th survey is submitted.

Update: As announced, we held the drawing after receiving the first 500 responses. We held the drawing at the March 29-20 IPMA Council of Delegates meeting, and the iPAD Mini winner is a respondent from Egypt. More information to follow. Thank you to all respondents!

Contact if you have questions, or for more information.Thank you!

If  you are interested in IPMA, see our website. If you are interested in joining one of our 55+ Member Associations, and advancing your practice in project and programme management, see our Member Associations pages.


Submit your 2014 IPMA PE Award Application!


On behalf of the Award Management Board, it is our pleasure to invite you to apply for the IPMA Project Excellence Award 2014. The Application deadline for the IPMA Project Excellence Award 2014 is on 7 April 2014.


The IPMA awards excellent projects from different industries and organizations worldwide. Excellent projects are recognized by going through the annual assessment process based on the IPMA Project Excellence Model. This year we would like to invite your company to take part in this prestigious event. (more…)

2014 IPMA World Congress Update


We announced the announcement below from the World Congress organizers, with some reminders about World Congress links. We hope to see you in Rotterdam, September 29-30 and October 1.

IPMA 2014 CongressWe are pleased to invite you to the 28th IPMA World Congress from September 29th to October 1st in the City of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This year’s theme is…Innovation through Dialogue. In 3 days, more than 120 experts from the business and academic worlds will share their experiences and insights about innovating the world through dialogue.

With already over 300 tickets sold, over 300 papers submitted (both Academic and Best Practice), site visits to impressive projects and exciting social events we are on our way to making this the most comprehensive and inspiring PM event of 2014. All this in the City of Rotterdam, recently voted 10th in the list of 52 Places to Go by the New York Times. (more…)

APM Group Chairman Alan Harpham passes away


Alan Harpham, 5 December 1945 – 6 January 2014

140111-pmwj19-alan-IMAGE11 January 2014 – London, UK – Alan Harpham, Chairman of the APM Group and a well-known advocate for the project management profession, died on 6 January 2014 following a heart attack in England.  He had been in the hospital recently for unrelated health issues. IPMA offers our comfort to Alan’s wife Di, and their two sons. And we celebrate his achievements and contributions in his life.

According to the APM Group announcement: As Chairman of the APM Group from 1996 to the present day, Alan Harpham worked tirelessly to build APMG’s international networks and reputation. He provided steady and considered guidance to APMG through many years of considerable growth for the organisation. He was appreciative of other people’s views and had a way of finding common ground when these views were opposed. His ability to embrace diversity of thought acted as a catalyst for improvement and change.

Alan’s international work built professional communities on a foundation of respect; he was an ambassador for APMG’s Accredited Consulting Organisation Scheme, and a thought leader in the project management world. Alan managed to write several books and leading articles during his time with APMG, and combined all of this with many hands-on charitable activities.  In a sense he was a classic portfolio person with fingers in many pies. He was a dedicated mentor and coach to more junior members of staff.

See more about Alan Harpham at the PM World Journal site.

2014 IPMA World Congress site visit updated


31 January, 2014; The Netherlands. We are pleased to introduce you to City of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with a video of our Site Visit of the venues for the IPMA World Congress, to be held September 29-October 1, 2014.

Share Our Visit

Press Release: IPMA Releases IPMA OCB


OCB-Front-sm1 December, 2013; Nijkerk, The Netherlands. Reinhard Wagner, IPMA Vice President for Standards, Research & Awards, announces the approval and official release of IPMA OCB, the IPMA Organisational Competence Baseline. The new standard was approved for release by the International Project Management Association’s Council of Delegates at the recent meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

In announcing the release, Reinhard added, “The IPMA OCB provides valuable insights for Executives who design organisations to meet the increasing requirements of project-related work and management. It could act as basis for an assessment with IPMA Delta to analyse the actual situation and to improve the organisational competence of managing projects in an holistic way. All in all, it opens a new dimension for organisations to be more successful in projects.”

In addition to its usefulness for executives, this standard is for managers, key influencers and project management offices in project-oriented organisations. It introduces the concept of organisational competence in managing projects. It can help organisations to strengthen their management of projects, programmes and portfolios. IPMA OCB is built on the strong heritage of the International Project Management Association (IPMA®), the global leader in competence certification.

The Organisational Need
During the last few decades, a majority of organisations of all sizes and in all sectors have given emphasis to the successful delivery of projects.  An increasingly complex and dynamic world requires organisations to meet the more demanding expectations of their stakeholders through the better management of projects, programmes and portfolios.

These aspirations are despite various constraints such as deadlines or fixed budgets. In addition it is expected that projects should operate effectively and efficiently with optimal use of resources. While it is, of course, necessary to develop the competence of individuals, it is also necessary to analyse and develop the competence of the organisation.

See the full IPMA-OCB Press Release!

Or, go to the OCB Download Page. Thank you for your interest!


2014 World Congress Call for Papers Due Soon


Rotterdam, Netherlands –– The Call for Papers for the 28th IPMA World Congress on Project Management to be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, is underway. The 28th IPMA World Congress, with the theme “Innovation Through Dialogue,” will be held from 29 September to 1 October 2014 at the World Trade Center in the City of Rotterdam.  Information can be found at

IPMA Netherlands invites you to become a part of the leading world conference on project, program and portfolio management by submitting an inspiring academic or best practices paper. The Call for Presentations closed on January 15th, 2014, but IPMA members in good standing have a possible extension. Contact your Member Association! We have also extended the super Early Bird registration.

The Academic and Research streams will have this main theme: Human factors in Project Management – The role, influence and understanding of ‘human factors’ within project, program and portfolio management will be the focus of the Academic and Research streams. Contributors are encouraged to consider the following sub-themes (along with related factors) in their submissions: Attitude, Acceptance, Commitment, Credibility, Creativity, Ethics, Leadership, Nurture, Personal Development, Trust, Well-being, Willingness. Proposals must be according to guidelines at (more…)

Letter to Gilles Caupin on behalf of Roberto Mori


On the occasion of his retirement from active roles in service to IPMA, Chairman Roberto Mori writes the attached letter of gratitude for Gilles’ services to IPMA and the profession of project management.

Gilles has served in many roles in support of IPMA, including founding of IPMA member associations, serving as Key Account Manager to Global Corporations, and serving as Certification Chair and IPMA President. Most of all, Gilles is a friend to us all. Thank you Gilles!

27th IPMA World Congress Wrap-up


PRESS RELEASE, 3 October, 2013; Dubrovnik, Croatia. From 30 September to 3 October 2013, Croatia had a great privilege of hosting the 27th IPMA World Congress and welcoming some of the most prominent and the best project managers from around the world. The Congress was held in Dubrovnik and it was organized by the Croatian Association for Project Management (CAPM).ev-27th-congress

The Croatian Association for Project Management is one of IPMA’s (International Project Management Association) 55 non-profit member associations. The IPMA World Congress has a long tradition, and it is recognized as one of the world’s leading events in the field of project management, program and portfolio management which gathers the world’s prominent experts, managers, company representatives as well as academics and young people interested and involved in the field. The Congress was held under the patronage of the Croatian president Ivo Josipović, the Croatian Government and the University of Zagreb.

„I’ll take the freedom, and compare this Congress to the Olympics. It is an exceptional event in the field of project management and it also represents an amazing opportunity for our people to come and see the best practices, and to see how the best people work and think, as well as to network, communicate with each other, exchange experience and promote the spirit and the importance of international project management and personal training and education in the field“, said professor Mladen Radujković, the President of IPMA.

See the full press release.

Morten Fangel launches book at IPMA World Congress


3 October 2013 – Dubrovnik, Croatia – We all know what it takes for a project to be inspiring to be part of and to lead efficiently to the requested outcome. It is common sense to be proactive in the management of a project!  Morten Fangel, founder and Executive Director of the Danish Project Management Association, has authored a new book entitled “Proactive Project Management,” to help with these issues. While published in Denmark, the book is written in English. (more…)

IPMA Honors Award Winners at World Congress


aw-individualsAt the 27th IPMA World Congress, IPMA acknowledged Award Winners in three key areas:

Project Excellence Award Winners 2013
The Bronze, Silver and Gold Winners of the IPMA International Project Excellence Award in three categories: medium, big and mega were announced at the 27th IPMA World Congress in Dubrovnik. (more…)

IPMA Achievement Awards 2013
In 2013, as part of the International Project Management Associations (IPMA) Awards program, projects from around the globe have been given the opportunity to celebrate their success and achievements. The development of the IPMA Achievement Awards has seen the catalyst for projects from Europe, Asia and the Americas seeking global recognition for the innovation and achievement of the project management of their projects. (more…)

Kamil Mroz, Belgium, is IPMA Young PM of the Year 2013
At the end of the Global Young Crew Workshop in Dubrovnik, during the IPMA Young Crew gala dinner on 28 September 2013, Kamil Mroz from Belgium was announced the winner of the Young Project Manager of the Year Award for 2013.  Mr. Mroz received his award and additional recognition during the IPMA Awards Gala Dinner in Dubrovnik on 1 October 2013. (more…)

We choose Projectplace for global collaboration & PM


PRESS RELEASE: 2 September, 2013. Nijkerk, Netherlands. IPMA, the International Project Management Association, is pleased to announce that we have chosen Projectplace as our global collaboration and web-based project management tool for the next two years. The main reasons behind the decision were Projectplace’s usability and communication attributes and its ability to allow IPMA to communicate effectively across all our 55 member associations.

nw-projectplace-screenProjectplace, the European leader in online collaboration tools, has been chosen by IPMA to enable better collaboration and communication within IPMA’s Boards, project teams, and virtual activities. Given that Projectplace received ISO 27001 certification for information security last year, the tool is not only easy to learn and use, it also meets IPMA’s security requirements.

IPMA is recognised throughout the world as a leading authority on competent project, programme and portfolio management (PPPM). We focus on ensuring that project and programme management best practice is widely known and appropriately applied at all levels of both public and private sector organisations.

See the full PRESS RELEASE!

IPMA Announces Finalists for 2013 Young PM


The Young Project Manager of the Year, the award recognizing the most promising talents in the field of project management, is approaching its final phase.

In August, Round 2 was closed and the applications have been reviewed. As in the past the level of all the candidates was very high and the Jury had a delicate role in the assessment process.

Three finalists were nominated, that will join  the Global Young Crew Workshop and IPMA World Congress in Dubrovnik:

  • Mukunda Adhikari, from Nepal
  • Kamil Mroz, from Belgium
  • Cristian Soto, from Bolivia (more…)

Projectplace Offers Free Webinars! First is 9 October


As a result of IPMA’s extensive evaluation and selection of collaborative project and programme management tools, we have selected Projectplace as our tool of choice. Our IPMA Boards, project teams, and administrative services have begun integrating Projectplace into our projects and operations.

We reviewed a very large number of options, and selected Projectplace. To help celebrate our selection watch for Projectplace as a Gold Sponsor and exhibitor at the IPMA World Congress, in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 30 September-3 October. And now, IPMA members and friends can learn more about Projectplace, and its role in successful project and programme collaboration.

Projectplace Webinars

Join Us In the Projectplace Webinars

Listen to, watch and learn from our free online, informative webinars. Ask questions via chat! In just 30 minutes, get useful pointers for optimal project collaboration – e.g. how to create greater project team momentum, even with members geographically dispersed.

Trash your plan and start planning 2.0

Date and time: Wednesday, Oct 9, 10am
Speaker: Per Wising, product owner at Projectplace International

Read more and sign up here! (more…)

Efficiency & Effectiveness in Project Management


PM Commentary by Stacy Goff, IPMA VP Marketing & Events, asapm President.
This article is inspired by the theme of the Project Management Research Committee (PMRC, IPMA-China) Congress held August 24-25 2013, in Wuhan China. The theme was Efficiency and Effectiveness in Project Management, and both Mladen Radujkovik, IPMA President, and presented keynotes. This article expands on the first half of my topic, Balance Efficiency and Effectiveness With Actionable Project Information.

Efficiency Awareness
The 1960s were the era of the Efficiency Expert. These were people with training or skills in process optimization, who then moved into productivity improvement, which became a buzzphrase of the 1970s. This set of skills was merged with improved interpersonal skills to become a foundation of the systems analyst or business analyst of the 1980s. Look how far we’ve come: Today we have certifications for people who demonstrate many of these skills—and more. Efficiency became part of an entire gamut of systems engineering disciplines. Efficiency is clearly important.

But it was not consistently applied. In fact, a big part of the “re-engineering of the organization” that was done in the late 1980s and early 1990s was not RE-engineering at all. It was the first-ever true engineering of poorly-designed processes which were randomly piled on top of other processes during the ’70s and ’80s. The efficiency focus benefited projects, because many project managers brought the business concepts of efficiency and productivity into their projects. How do I know? I learned from some of the best during that time.

One problem with this emphasis on efficiency was shown by many organizations’ initiatives over the last 50 years. We can go overboard—sometimes focusing so much on efficiency that we forget about effectiveness. Part of this is because it is easier to look at efficiency; easy to identify it; to measure it. You see, efficiency by itself can be dangerous: If you look up Efficiency Expert on Wikipedia, one section notes: see also Layoffs. (more…)

Sustainability in PM featured at World Congress 2013


News Release: 4 August 2013 – Zagreb, Croatia – Organizers of the 27th IPMA World Congress on Project Management have announced a Sustainability in Project Management workshop, to be offered on October 3rd at IPMA’s 2013 congress. The 27th IPMA World Congress, under the title “Finding Balance and Moving Forward,” will be held from 30 September to 3 October 2013 at one of the most beautiful venues on the Adriatic Sea, the Valamar Resort Babin Kuk in Dubrovnik, Croatia. See more information about the Sustainability Workshop, and a wealth of additional pre- and post-Congress events, and register now at

The Sustainability workshop, titled “Infusing Project Management with Sustainability Using the P5 Concept.” will provide participants with the ability to view their projects, processes and resulting products through a sustainable lens to help in decision making, risk mitigation, and benefits realization using the Green PM P5™ concept and impact assessment.

The key learning objectives for the workshop will include:

• Understanding what is driving sustainability in organisations
• How sustainability and projects converge
• How to measure projects against 40+ sustainability criteria to support GRI and UN Reporting
• How to use sustainability to increase project maturity and strengthen Project Portfolio Management

nw-2013-green-pm-workshopThe workshop is being delivered by GPM Global, a US-based Project Management Professional development organization that specializes in sustainability. The workshop will feature elements from PRiSM Practitioner, the first Sustainability in Project Management training course to gain acceptance into the IPMA® Registration Programme. Presenters will include Joel Carboni, Monica Gonzalez and Brian Cracknell.

Joel Carboni, Director of Standards at asapm, IPMA-USA, and President of GPM (Green Project Management) Global, stated “As companies are being challenged to align project governance to contribute to and ultimately drive sustainability efforts. The impact assessment that we will be teaching as a part of this workshop will provide insight on how to start closing the gap. Also, we are fortunate to be contributors to the 2013 UN Global Compact Leader’s Summit, which will just have concluded; this gives us the ability to immediately share what we have learned.”

About the IPMA World Congress
ipma-logo (2)The 27th IPMA World Congress in Dubrovnik is organized by IPMA and CAPM (the Croatian Association for Project Management –, with the Civil Engineering Faculty of the University of Zagreb, the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC) – and the “Baltazar Adam Krčelić” College of Business and Management ( ) as co-organizers. The Chair of the 27th IPMA World Congress in Dubrovnik is Mladen Radujković. The congress program director is Mladen Vukomanovic. Visit the 2013 congress website at

About IPMA
Founded in 1965 and registered in Switzerland, International Project Management Association (IPMA) is the world’s first global project management professional organization. IPMA is an international federation of more than 50 national project management societies in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

The IPMA World Congress is one of the largest and most important gatherings of project management authorities and leaders each year. The president of IPMA for 2013-2014 is Mr. Mladen Radujkovic.

IPMA Announces 2013 Young PM Round 2


The Young Project Manager of the Year, the award recognizing the most promising talents in the field of project management, is now entering in its crucial phase.

By mid of July the Jury, in charge of the assessment, selected the candidates eligible to pass to Round 2.

The participants for the final phase are:

  • Adhikari Mukunda from Nepal
  • Alam Mehmood from UK
  • Kamil Mroz from Belgium
  • Malik Imran from United Arab Emirates
  • Soto Cristian from Bolivia
  • Soyke Nils from Greece
  • Tendulkar Sujay from India

To further progress in the selection process towards the final, the candidates are requested to submit the following documentation:

  • Project Description
  • Applicant Self Evaluation
  • Applicant’s Responsible Evaluation
  • Project Customer Evaluation (more…)