Course D: Develop your charismatic project leadership

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Forget about the project dream team – get the best out of your current project participants

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Course vision

One of the big challenges as a project manager is to build a team from different individuals who will follow you with a high degree of commitment and motivation. Usually you are not able to choose the persons you think would be the best fit for the team – you have to take those who have the required knowledge and who are provided by the organization. The team members bring the various interests of their departments, their different personalities, working and communication styles, and, in international projects, they also bring cultural differences.

It helps a lot to be able to identify and appreciate the strengths of the team members, to make use of differences instead of streamlining individuals, to be able to give clear directions and to motivate the team members to go there – together.

To be able to do this you need your own vision, the awareness of your own strengths, confidence in your team members, a good mixture of assertiveness and an open and appreciative attitude – in one word: it helps to have charisma.

This course will help you to develop your charismatic leadership style and will provide new tools to handle difficult team situations.


Training method

We use new kinds of exercises from the relatively new World Work concept. At its core World Work is a theory that combines psychology with fresh interpretations of findings in modern physics to provide a surprising and very powerful new approach. The exercises will help to deeply anchor the insights in the different areas of your brain (not only in the cortex) so that the resulting behaviour comes naturally without conscious effort. The course includes plenary sessions as well as group sessions and follows a process-oriented structure. You will work with your own material, your own personality and your own challenges in leading your project team and solving conflicts.

Training objectives
As a participant you will learn to:

  1. Develop your personal charismatic leadership style
  2. Develop/deepen an inner attitude which allows you to face your project challenges from a position of strength
  3. Increase self-confidence and confidence of team members
  4. Learn a new approach to handling difficult team members
  5. Learn new ways of coaching and facilitating to get the best out of your team
  6. Learn how to solve conflicts by using different ways to communicate

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