Course F: Advancing project management in organisations

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Transformation of organisations through PM professionalism

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Course vision
With increasing complexity and the constant pressure of delivery within organisations, they need to ensure that they have individuals that are leading and managing their project based organisations as efficiently and effectively as possible. To do so they need to have people that are professional – what does your organisation have, gifted amateurs or professionals?

Improving Project Management performance needs to be approached holistically to create sustainable transformation within organisations. The course aims to provide delegates with a personalised action plan to achieve purposeful change by understanding the organisations transformational need and take into account their own position, role and influence within their organisation.

What mechanisms are available to identify the professionals in organisations and how to influence senior management to create transformation? What are the tools professionals should be using to advance their understanding and improve internal (and external) organisational structures? And how should organisations benchmark their level of professionalism?

Training methods
Participants will build a personalised transformation diagram over the period of the course. This diagram is a consolidation of their learning and ideas on how to enable them to take on the responsibility and role of project management champion.

The workshop is delivered through a combination of presentations, game play, exercises and discussions enabling participants to share knowledge and experience in a safe environment. The workshop is suitable for delegates who are responsible for leading others and/or involved in management/consulting on the topic of professionalism within organisations. It is also suitable for individuals seeking to develop their career, understand how professionalism might impact on their own future careers and explore how they might champion/coach and mentor future professionals within their organisations

Training objectives
As a participant you will learn to:

  1. Understand what is expected of a professional project manager
    today and within your working environment.
  2. Consider your role in professionalization
    what skills have to be considered and how these can be developed.
  3. Contextualise and explore organisational issues
    consider responses to improve the management of projects.
  4. Consider the organisational impact of professionalism
    and identify a suitable transformation strategy.
  5. Champion the advancement of project management
    and professionalism agenda for project organisations.

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Joseph F S Alba

Executive Director, Academy for Project Management International,
United Kingdom

ea-Ariane Moussault

Ariane Moussault

Independent project management professional
The Netherlands

Guest speakers:


Gerard Geurtjens
Director Project Management
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol,
The Netherlands

Morten Fangel
Managing Director and
Chief Consultant,
Fangel Consulting, Denmark


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