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Effective preparation and start-up of projects

Morten Fangel

Managing Director and
Chief Consultant,
Fangel Consultanting Denmark

Guest instructors:
Jesper Garde Schreiner

Senior Project Manager


Henk Bellinga

Managing Director, Advitec Consulting
The Netherlands

Auditing and health checks of project management

Martina Huemann

Roland Gareis Consulting,
WU Vienne University
of Economics and Business

Gilbert Silvius

HU University of
Applied Sciences Utrecht,
Von Aetsveld Project Management
The Netherlands

Managing project risk, uncertainty and value in new ways

Chris Chapman

Emeritus Professor
of Management Science
in the School of Management of the University of Southampton and
Senior Associate
of The Nichols Group,
United Kingdom

Guest instructor:

Henk Bellinga

Managing Director,
Advitec Consulting,
The Netherlands

Coaching and facilitation as a lever for efficiency in projects
Merle Runge

plan a
Consulting for Organizational and Personnel Development Germany

Brigitte Schaden

Managing Director and
Chief Consultant,
Chairman of
Project Management Austria,
IPMA Chairman

Intercultural Management Competence for Project Success 2014

Roberto Mori

IPMA President
Director Special Projects,

Antonio Calabrese

MIP Head of Corporate
Division and Course Director
School of Management,
Politecnico di Milano

Raffaella Bossi Fornarini

Managing Director, Passport
MIP Faculty Member for
Intercultural Management

Leading projects from a distance
Henk Bellinga

Managing Director
Advitec Consulting
The Netherlands

Guest lecturer by industry practitioners:

Birgitte Fauerholm Saabye

NNE Pharmaplan

Programme management to innovate effectively

Gerrit Koch

Programme Director,
Van Aetsveld B.V.
The Netherlands


Andrew Richards

Co-author and Trainer on
MSP Holos Consulting,
United Kingdom

Managing the corporate project portfolios

Matti Haukka

Partner and Senior Consultant,
Project Institute Finland ltd.

Gerard Geurtjens

Director of Projects of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
The NetherlandsAdd an Image