Recommended Literature

ct-icbThe ICB (IPMA Competence Baseline) provides the official definition of the competences expected from project management professionals for certification using the universal IPMA four-level-certification system. National cultural differences are addressed in National Competence Baselines (NCB) by adding specific competence elements and content to the ICB. Validation of the NCBs by IPMA ensures their conformity to the ICB and the global recognition of certificates awarded by the national certification systems.

Although ICB is indispensable for project management professionals and Certification Bodies, it is not sufficient for training. It should be supported with appropriate materials who will assist in the understanding of the context of each competence area at the level of detail necessary to practice or speak about or teach project management, develop courses and further training materials and assist certification candidates.



re-pmchannelThis link provides access to sessions from the 26th IPMA World Congress in Crete, as recorded and offered by The PM Channel. They were exhibition partners at the Congress, recorded a series of very interesting interviews, and many of the Congress Sessions. As part of a special arrangement, many of the recorded segments are now available through IPMA’s Education & Training Board, and the E&T Chair, Dr. John-Paris Pantouvakis (login details are required – for access, contact your Member Association or Contact us)



Furthermore, through the same link you can also gain free access to an e-library offered by Van Haren publishers.




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Popular Books (English publications)

Title: Management of Engineering Projects – People are Key
Publisher: NAP – The Process Industry Competence Network
ISBN: 9789081216203
Edited by: H.L.M Bakker & J.P. de Kleijn

The book, a collective work of 15 authors, focuses on both the people who form the project team and on a fit-for-purpose management approach. The book is a valuable learning resource for experienced project managers that want to refresh or broaden their insights in managing engineering projects.

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Better practices of project management John-HermarijTitle: Better Practices of Project Management
Publisher: Van Haren Publishing
ISBN: 9789087536473
Author: John Hermarij

The IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB) gives a clear description of this profession based on 46 competence elements. This book gives the essential theoretical and practical background of each competence element, based on the leading sources.Each chapter is based on the same structure: Definitions, Introduction, Process Steps, Special topics.

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Title: Project Management (10th Edition)
Author: Denis Lock

Project Management explains the entire project management process in great detail, demonstrating techniques from simple charts to detailed computer applications. The author has expanded discussion of topics such as supply chain management and the project management office (PMO), and there are new chapters about implementing change management projects and the role of senior managers in supporting projects.

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Title: Handbook of Project Management (4th edition)
ISBN: 978-0-566-08806-3
Edited by: Former IPMA President, Rodney Turner

This book gives an introduction & overview of, the essential knowledge required for managing projects. A team of experienced practitioners have been selected to introduce the reader to the knowledge & skills required to manage projects.

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Title: Proactive Project Management
Author: Morten Fangel
Published: October 2013

The entire book offers a much-needed supplement to the existing literature on project management – promoting new thinking and methods for consideration by a project manager who can then reflect and profit even more from previous management books and from personal experience.

More information at

Title: “English for Project Management”
Author: Ana Skledar Matijevicqa
: 978-953-7670-41-2“English for Project Management” is in essence an ESP (English for Specific Purposes) book that’s also ideal for learning “Project Management the IPMA (International Project Management Association) Way”.

See a brief presentation on the book here.

The e-book  (including Teacher’s Book) is available to CoD delegates of IPMA Member Associations through our E-Resources here (login required – for access, contact your Member Association or Contact us)

Title: “Project Manager”
Authors: Schelle, Ottmann & Pfeiffer
ISBN: 3-924841-30-6Professional Project Management is the basis for successful projects and an increasing number of companies rely on this form of organisation and work. The IPMA’s national member associations certify the project managers that these companies need. This textbook provides project managers with all the knowledge they need for this certification.


Title: Project Management
Publisher: Van Haren Publishing
ISBN: 9789087536831
Authors: Henny Portman & Jan Willem Donselaar & Bert HedemanThe second edition of this book does justice to PMO professionals’ needs for recognition & appreciation of their added value for projects, programmes & portfolios.
The PM Baseline (published by PM Austria), is not just useful for individuals who are learning about or who work in project management. It is also useful for project management trainers, who can use it as a guide for the preparation of project management training programmes in schools, colleges of higher education, universities and companies.

The PM Baseline is available to download here

et-lit-TaylorTitle: Sixteen Stories
ISBN: 13:978-0-9554132-7-8
Authors: Tom Taylor & Rob Dee”Project management is the culture of the systematic translation of ideas into tangible results & goals. In this book the authors introduce us to this culture through 16 exciting stories, clearly showing how project management is not something new and trendy, but a philosophy of human advancement, inherent in all enterprise” Prof. Mladen Vukomanovic – IPMA Young Crew Management Board.
Title: Global Standards & Publications
ISBN: 978-90-8753-866-8

“In this rapidly changing environment most things should and could be more easy. The use of standards and frameworks gives everyone the same language thus minimizing the chance of errors due to unclear communication. To assist communication on, this book provides basic summary of 36 business standards. But standards alone won’t produce better results; it is all up to the people using them, or in other words, it is all up to you!”

Title: Handbook of People in Project Management
Editors: Dennis Lock and Lindsey Scott
ISBN number: 9781409437857This Handbook provides a complete guide to the human dimensions involved in projects.

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et-lit-Grau-Bodea-borderTitle: ISO 21500 Project Management Standard – Characteristics, Comparison and Implementation
Editors: Nino Grau, Constanta-Nicoleta Bodea
Year of Publication: 2013
ISBN: 978-3-8440-2493-7

The e-book is available to IPMA members through our E-Resources here (login required – for access, contact your Member Association or Contact us).

See a brief presentation on the book here



French publications

et-lit-JL-MullerTitle: Management de projet
Author: Jean-Louis G. Muller
ISBN-13: 978-2124651962

et-lit-JL-Muller_2Title: Manager un projet au quotidien Author: Jean-Louis G. Muller

ISBN-13: 978-2710117377

et-lit-JL-MidlerTitle: L’auto qui n’existait pas:Management des projets et transformation de l’entreprise
Author: Christophe Midler
ISBN-13: 978-2100485727 

Spanish publications

et-lit-Reyes-MartinezTitle: Proceos De Proyectos Y Competemcias en Direccion de Proyectos (Processes in Projects and Project Management Competences)
Authors: José Reyes & Jesús Martínez Almela
ISBN: 978-84-616-4780-4

2012 Edition Proceos De Proyectos Y Competemcias en Direccion de Proyectos (Processes in Projects and Project Management Competences) is the first of its class in Spanish to give the big picture of project, program and portfolio management. It aims to assist organizations in making the shift from a narrow, strong, technical focus on project management to a broader, more business-oriented focus. It will also enable the development of project management competence to help achieve IPMA´s project, program and portfolio certification levels for practitioners, candidates and IPMA trainers as well.

et-lit-Gutierrez-Lopez-Sanzo-jpgTitle: Certificacion IPMA 4LC

Authors:  Adolfo Lopez Paredes, Javier Pajares Gutierrez, Mónica Iglesias Sanzo

ISBN: 978-84-616-4032-4
2013 EditionCertificacion IPMA 4LC:  Manual De Preparacion (Certification IPMA-4LC. A Toolkit)  aims to facilitate and help in the preparation of the certification in the level corresponding to the reader, in agreement to the competences that IPMA has proposed in his ICB 3.0 and that it has been moved in Spanish to the NCB 3.0 initially, and the NCB 3.1 in force nowadays.  This textbook is not a substitute of the NCB 3.1, but rather, a complement to help and to facilitate his comprehension and utilization as well.


Greek Publications

et-lit-John-Paris-dde_cover_borderTitle: Dioikisi-Diaheirisi Ergon me to protypo tou IPMA (Project Management with IPMA standards).
Author: John-Paris Pantouvakis
ISBN: 978-618-80450-1-9

The book is the first one in Greek to describe the IPMA standards aimed at improving project management processes in organizations, educating professional project managers and project team members and assisting IPMA certification candidates wishing to undertake the IPMA examinations in Greek.

More information (in Greek) is available here


The E&T Board with the contribution of the Member Associations, also maintains, lists of educational resources of use to professional project managers and certification candidates in different countries and cultural settings.

Austria: Literature in German and English from Projekt Management Austria
Azerbaijan: Literature in Russian and Azeri from AzPMA
Finland: Literature in English from PMA Finland
Germany: Literature in German and English from GPM
Russia: Literature in Russian and English from SOVNET
Sweden: Literature in Swedish and English from the Swedish Project Management Association
UK: Literature in English from APM
USA: Book reviews from asapm

Additional IPMA Member Associations are encouraged to submit their suggestions and literature lists both in English and their local language. Also, perspective authors, editors and publishers of project management books as well as developers of training materials may want to contact Dr. John-Paris Pantouvakis of the E&T Board (see the Contact E&T page) for possible inclusion of their existing or planned training resources in the recommended literature list.