Corporate Memberships

Corporate Membership is available in two ways. Your Corporation can either join IPMA directly, if your country does not have a National Member Association, or you can join a Member Association that offers this type of membership.

Corporate Membership in a National Association includes indirect membership of IPMA.

Many IPMA Member Associations offer Corporate Memberships. Corporations in countries that do not yet have a Member Association might consider applying for membership in a nearby country, or in one that speaks the same language as you do.

In countries that do not offer Corporate Memberships, you can apply to become an IPMA-direct Corporate Member. Contact the IPMA secretariat (e-mail: ).

We provide information that includes guidance, benefits, and options. We cannot accept IPMA-direct Corporate Memberships if your country’s Member Association offers this option.

All applications for IPMA-direct Corporate Membership are considered by the Executive Board.

Corporate Member C1 (after approval by the Executive Board)
(less than 1.000 employees)
Annual fee: € 500,-

Corporate Member C2 (after approval by the Board)
(more than 1.000 employees)
Annual fee: € 1000,-

The IPMA Corporate Membership fees are normally paid through a bank transfer.