Individual Membership

Two Individual Membership Opportunities

Join IPMA Directly
First, use the links at the left to find if there is a Member Association in your country. IPMA only accepts direct individual members if there is no Member Association (MA) in your country.  Membership in a National Member Association includes indirect membership in IPMA.

Join a Nearby Member Association
If there is no Member Association (MA) yet in your country, another option is to join a MA in a nation near you, or a MA that speaks your language. See the Member Associations lists at left for your options. In this way you have the added benefit of participating in the international networking of The IPMA Family.

To Join as an Individual Member

If there is no MA in your country, you can join IPMA as an individual member. Individual Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in project management. Please contact the secretariat (e-mail: ) and provide contact and mailing address information. We will send you an application form and a membership fee invoice. After receipt of your application and payment, you will be welcomed as an individual member. The Annual fee is € 100,- (pro rated per quarter).

IPMA membership fees are normally paid through a bank transfer. But as an alternative, we can arrange the possibility to pay the individual  membership fees with a credit card. Contact us to arrange this type of payment. Thank you from the IPMA Secretariat (e-mail: ).

The Benefits of Individual IPMA Membership Include:

•  Bi-monthly International Journal of Project Management (normally costing more than twice the membership fee)
•  Quarterly IPMA electronic Newsletter
•  Our Annual Publication “Project Perspectives”
•  Extensive Networking Opportunities
•  Workshops for National Associations
•  Access to Internationally Recognised Certification Programme
•  Participation in our IPMA Family Virtual Community
•  Reduced Entry fees for Conferences and Congresses

Please note that Individual Member benefits may differ from those offered by Member Associations, based on local preferences.