Moving PM Knowledge Forward

 RMB Vision

To share values, standards and knowledge to improve the practice of Project, Programme and Portfolio Management for IPMA's Member Associations through effective management of R&D activities.

RMB Mission

The mission of RMB is to enable, promote and coordinate the development and application of research in the field of Project, Programme and Portfolio Management with our Member Associations for the benefit of the global project management community.

RMB Strategy

IPMA helps its Member Associations to succeed and RMB provides a link between the research community and the Member Associations. RMB achieves this overall objective by supporting the development of products and services that enhance performance throughout the global project management community. Furthermore by participating in a variety of research oriented initiatives and events such as specialist conferences, through promoting our Festivals of Knowledge and by organising Expert Research Seminars and Workshops. We recognise research excellence through a programme of Research Awards and encourage researchers by providing prizes for research papers at conferences.

IPMA Research Activities

Research Awards: IPMA recognises excellence in project management research by young researchers (under 35 years of age), established researchers, and teams. We also recommend outstanding researchers of international repute for our life-time achievement award. The IPMA Research Awards promotes excellence in the Research community. Juried prizes awarded at World Congresses. Audiences: Candidates and those who value and support our categories of researchers. Benefits: Proven model for researchers to gain visibility in the research community.

IPMA Family Social Network: The IPMA Family website captures viable community practices, experiments and improves collaboration and co-creation. It does so among members and not-yet members of our project management community, our Member Associations, and other constituencies. The site serves as a map to valuable knowledge in social and business networks wherever they are found -- Linkedin, Google, Facebook, Twitter, youTube, etc.) Audiences: Project Management researchers and practitioners, and project stakeholders. Benefit: Cutting fragmentation generally associated with social networking. Locating, experimenting, refining and disseminating good practices.

IPMA Festivals of Knowledge: These bring stakeholders together to brainstorm hot topics, capture and publish latest outputs of current research.  The format is flexible but is generally similar to IPMA World Congresses, but held locally as cluster of events led by 2 day research seminar and on demand, throughout the year. Audiences:  Local researchers. Organisations not yet ready to hold World Congresses. Groups which focus on particular interests, such as collaboration in the automobile industry. Benefits: Frequent and local focus on topics of great interest. Local presenters and access to world class research and researchers at local meetings.