IPMA Family Social Network

The purpose of the IPMA Family website is to capture viable community  practices, experiment and improve collaboration and co-creation among members, non-members and not-yet members of the project management community, our Member Associations, and other constituencies. The site aims to serve as a map to valuable knowledge in »social« and »business networks« wherever they are found — Linkedin, Google, Facebook, Twitter, youTube, etc.) Audiences: Project Management researchers and practitioners.  Stakeholders.  Benefit:  Cutting fragmentation generally associated with »social networking«.  Locating, experimenting, refining and disseminating good practices.

Home Page of the IPMA Family Website

IPMA Professional Virtual Community (IPMA PVC) represents the combination of a professional and virtual community.  The virtual community provides environments for professionals to develop and share a wide range of mutual interests including aspects of the International Competence Baseline of the PM profession, professional values, ethical issues and behavior. Virtual communities present related social systems of networks of individuals, who use modern information and telecommunication technologies to develop and maintain their relationships.

IPMA PVC is an association of “individuals” explicitly pursuing professional objectives identified by specific constituencies holding common interests. It aims at generating value and knowledge through members’ interaction, sharing and collaboration.

IPMA’s professional virtual community, named “IPMA Family”, is a manifestation of IPMA’s collaborative networks which are related to IPMA’s formal and informal organization.  This platform is part of IPMA PVC and is designed to support virtual collaborative activities on development of IPMA Festival of Knowledge and related initiatives and outputs.

Current Initiatives on the IPMA Family

The links below require log-in to the locations mentioned; members of IPMA Member Associations are welcomed and encouraged to participate in these initiatives.