IPMA Logins

We exist in an era of virtual teams, extended-group dialogue, distance learning, projects spanning multiple locations, and time zone differences. All these factors make synchronous communication difficult, and every successful organization uses technology to improve communication. IPMA has a range of virtual collaboration sites, each with a specific audience and purpose.

Each site requires a login or permissions code. In each case, authorised persons can obtain the current logins or codes from your IPMA Member Association. linkages. Note that in addition to these sites, each IPMA Member Association has public and private sites as well.

IPMA LinkedIn Group is our official group on this popular collaboration site. Here you can see moderated discussions about topics of interest to IPMA members, and those who aspire to be members. Visit this LinkedIn Group now. Note that no login is required to view this group, but LinkedIn signup and joining the group is required to contribute to the dialogue. Audience: Members of IPMA Member Associations, and friends.

The IPMA Family is a collaborative website for leaders and members of IPMA Member Associations, and for IPMA board members. The site features discussions, groups, photos, blog posts, and other communication for those who are members of the IPMA Family. To Sign Up you must be a member of an IPMA Member Association. Visit The IPMA Family now. Audience: Members of IPMA Member Associations.

IPMANet is IPMA’s Intranet. It is the place for IPMA Council of Delegates members to prepare for Council meetings, for IPMA board members to dialogue about open items, and a files repository. To access IPMANet requires a special log-in, available to identified IPMA Member Association representatives, or from our Secretariat. Audience: Council of Delegates Members and IPMA Boards.

IPMAPedia is a knowledge sharing site for Officers of IPMA Member Associations and IPMA Boards. Its intended use is to share best practices, processes, procedures, tips and ideas within the IPMA Family. Based on a knowledge-sharing wiki, to sign up for IPMAPedia requires a special log-in, available to Member Associations, or from the IPMA Secretariat. Audience: IPMA and Member Association Officials only.

Some Boards of IPMA and Member Associations have their own business networking groups, including a vibrant, active Young Crew group on Facebook. We encourage you to let us know about them, and we can post them here; this way, interested parties can also visit and participate in these public groups.

Member Association Collaborative Sites

In addition to the above sites and groups, we see many very effective Member Association sites. If yours is open to the general public, we invite you to notify us so we can include links to them here. Thank you!