One of the signs of our pro-activity at IPMA Young Crew is the number of new initiatives and events that we launch all over the world. Young Crew is constantly experimenting and innovating on a global level on new ways to help their members develop, empower them with a worldwide network, and take project management one step further. Many of those projects are international in nature, and contribute to building this international community.

Apart from our well-known products, the Young Crew Management Board invites all Young Crew members to propose innovative, fresh and interesting projects!

We’ll work with you to develop and assess the idea, and to make it synergistic with other Young Crew activities going on!

Do you have a project that you want to do with us?

Download our project proposal and get in contact with our Head of Innovation and let’s have a chat about it!

YC Management Board Representative for Innovation: 

Mladen Vukomanovic – Head of Innovation – Croatian Representative
Email: mvukoman (” @ “)
Skype: mladen.vukomanovic