CreACTivity Workshop

Creativity is not a privilege – it is a tool that everyone can use to transform their individual lives as well as to find unexpected solutions for managing projects and business practices.

In the modern creative industry it is expected that unique and big ideas have to be producible on demand within limited time, budget, space and other resources. It is also expected that improvement of the existing and formation of the new solutions cannot merely be left to chance.
This project-based creativity learning and practicing workshop will introduce the participants to several creativity methods. Through project exercises, you will practice and apply these  creativity methods to uncover hidden meaning (and opportunities?) in project information.
CreACTivity workshops seek to develop a more fulfilled and creative life through discovering and learning how to best use our inner resources.

Who: Students and young professionals from all backgrounds. This is a fun, participative and international event, often used as an initiating event for New Young Crew groups.

Why: Helps to expand members to new areas of project management; offers engagement for Young Crew members and an opportunity to work in multidisciplinary teams.

>> Download here creACTivity Workshop Guidelines (coming soon)

IPMA YC Management Board Representative for creACTivity:

Luca Cavone, Head of Membership – Italian Representative
Mobile: +39 348 733 1235
Email: luca.cavone (” @ “)
Skype: luca.cavone