Global Young Crew Workshop

Photo by Les Squires

Every year, during the weekend before the IPMA World Congress, a different city around the world hosts the IPMA Young Crew’s main event: the Global Young Crew Workshop (GYCW). The purpose is to provide the opportunity to exchange ideas and share experiences in project management. Young project management professionals, researchers and students benefit each year from interactive learning, numerous group discussions and networking, but not forgetting the fun part.

The Workshop is an integral part of the IPMA World Congress, and each year attracts around 100 participants around the globe.

Why attend?: The main goal of the Global Young Crew Workshop is to provide the participants with a unique training and networking experience, to get them further involved in the Young Crew activities, and to integrate Young Crew participants within the IPMA Family. The Workshop also provides a unique forum to share experiences  and offers opportunities for interaction and information exchange. The Workshop focuses on teamwork, problem solving,  participative learning and networking, while having fun.

Who should attend?: This event targets young people from very different backgrounds, and it is tailored to those involved in the project management community. It addresses the special interests of young project managers, students, post-graduates, researchers and faculty trainers from different countries.

Global Young Crew Workshops 2014 Rotterdam – In dialogue with the future

yc-gycw2014The central theme of this year’s Global Young Crew Workshops (GYCW) will be the future of project management. What are your ideas about the future of project management? Join the dialogue and get inspired!
In an ever changing world, project management seems to be an important, and at the same time,  very challenging job. Delivering projects only in time and within budget is not sufficient anymore. Innovation and sustainability are becoming more and more vital.

We need project managers who are able to steer the wheel of change into the right direction and inspire others. Project management skills that were needed yesterday are not enough for the project managers of tomorrow. So, stand up and embrace the change!

What can you expect from the three day GYCW program? Of course we offer you the best speakers and workshops. One of our keynotes is John Hermarij, a Dutch positive sceptic on project management. John will take us on a time travel into the future. Look at project management from another perspective to create learning experiences! The GYCW program will also provide you with qualitative workshops about (virtual) dialogue, professional growth, sustainable approaches and much more. Learn from the experiences of the Nuon Solar Challange team and ask the Dutch IPMA A’s everything you want to know in an interactive College Tour session. Last but not least, the GYCW guarantees you great networking opportunities and lots of fun!

The GYCW are organized by IPMA Young Crew Netherlands and CKC Seminars and will be held from 26-28 september 2014. To register click here. Please check our website for the complete GYCW program and more information about the social events and fees.

We hope to welcome you this September in Rotterdam! If you have any questions regarding the GYCW, please let us know (gycw2014 (‘at’)

And remember; the IPMA Family is more than attending events; we build lifelong professional relationships!

IPMA YC Management Board Representative for GYCW:

Mladen Vukomanovic, Head of Innovation – Croatian Representative
Email: mvukoman (” @ “)
Skype: mladen.vukomanovic

Click here to register for the Workshop.