Global Young Crew Workshop

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Every year, during the weekend before the IPMA World Congress, a different city around the world hosts the IPMA Young Crew’s main event: the Global Young Crew Workshop (GYCW). The purpose is to provide the opportunity to exchange ideas and share experiences in project management. Young project management professionals, researchers and students benefit each year from interactive learning, numerous group discussions and networking, but not forgetting the fun part.

The Workshop is an integral part of the IPMA World Congress, and each year attracts around 100 participants around the globe.

Why attend?: The main goal of the Global Young Crew Workshop is to provide the participants with a unique training and networking experience, to get them further involved in the Young Crew activities, and to integrate Young Crew participants within the IPMA Family. The Workshop also provides a unique forum to share experiences  and offers opportunities for interaction and information exchange. The Workshop focuses on teamwork, problem solving,  participative learning and networking, while having fun.

Who should attend?: This event targets young people from very different backgrounds, and it is tailored to those involved in the project management community. It addresses the special interests of young project managers, students, post-graduates, researchers and faculty trainers from different countries.

The Global Young Crew Workshop 2013, 27 Sep – 29 Oct, 2013, Dubrovnik, Croatia





We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious; and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths! –Walt Disney

We are pleased to invite you to be a part of this year’s biggest IPMA Young Crew event, with the motto Finding Balance and Moving Forward.

Every year a different country delights in hosting this event.  This year it’s Croatia’s turn and beautiful town of Dubrovnik. The Young Crew workshop (27-29 Sep 2013) will introduce you to the 27th IPMA World Congress which brings project management professionals worldwide to get to know each other and make progress in field of project management. The congress will proceed just after the workshop (30 Sep to 03 Oct 2013).

The purpose of GYCW is to provide an opportunity for participants to exchange ideas, to share experiences and to get to know other young project management students and professionals. The motto “Finding Balance and Moving Forward” determines nature of the workshop, and introduce participants in balancing techniques in project management and moving forward to achieve desired goals.

The first GYCW day will focus on networking techniques and finding balance with the society and moving forward.

The second day consist of parallel workshops, where you will have a chance to select the perfect match. Workshops will be crafted in a way that will make keep thinking in time to come. You will have freedom to make your own opinion about the ideas presented and develop creative views and innovative ways of managing your projects. Therefore the this year’s workshop will prepare you for the next challenges.

The third day will bring something different. No more in-house workshops, but the real challenge for you and your team – the Sailing Regatta Challenge. The regatta consists of two parts. While the motto of the first part will be: “Use the wind to find your balance!”, the second will go a step forward by the motto: “Use the balance to move forward!”. Thus by attending this workshop you will experience realistic scenarios in finding balance and moving forward. Moreover, the sailing competition will help you to practice your knowledge on real examples, document the lessons learned and apply the skills in everyday life and work situations.

Although the main purpose of GYCW is improving skills from interactive learning, group discussions and networking, it’s important not to forget the fun part! This year, the fun part of GYCW will involve networking games, pre-sailing parties, dance sessions and lot of other funny surprises.

The Congress and GYCW is organized by IPMA and CAPM (Croatian Association for Project Management) and Young Crew Croatia in co-operation with the University of Zagreb – Faculty of Civil Engineering, the International Cost Engineering  Council (ICEC) and the Baltazar Adam Krčelic College of Business and Management. Also we are very pleased to inform you that the Congress will be held under patronage of Government of the Republic of Croatia.

If interested in participating the GYCW in Dubrovnik, click here to register for the Workshop.

For all further information visit our website & GYCW Facebook page, or contact us directly on e-mail adress 

And remember; the IPMA Family is more than attending events; we build lifelong professional relationships!

IPMA YC Management Board Representative for GYCW:

Mladen Vukomanovic, Head of Innovation – Croatian Representative
Email: mvukoman (” @ “)
Skype: mladen.vukomanovic

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