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This page announces IPMA Young Crew News and Events. This is especially important, as Young Crew adds a range of exciting events in Member nations around the world, and you don’t want to miss a single one! This feature of the IPMA website is managed by the IPMA Young Crew Board. If you have a Young Crew event scheduled for your member nation, and it is not listed here, please Contact the Young Crew Board!

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Meet the new YC Newsletter Chief Editor


We are proud to announce, that Martina Sacer from Croatia is becoming the new Chief Editor of our newsletter, taking over the responsibilities of the current Chief Editor, Domna Sidiropoulou. Thank you Domna for the great job you’ve done on and congratulations for the new Chief Editor!

Read further to learn more about Martina!


Interview with Kamil Mroz


Kamil Mroz is one of the keynote speakers of the GYCW 2014. We are very glad Kamil will contribute to our program! He graduated in Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering from the University of Ottawa in Canada. In 2011 he completed an MA in International Relations from the University of Kent in Brussels, where he also served as President of the BSIS Graduate Union. Currently, he is working as an engineer for NNE Pharmaplan where he provides objective project-based advice, expertise and specialist skills to clients.


GYCW Program published!


Global Young Crew Workshops 2014 Rotterdam – In dialogue with the future

The profession of project management is changing very rapidly. The need for innovative project managers who care about a sustainable environment and are able to steer the wheel of change into the right direction, is growing. Visit the GYCW and join the dialogue about the future of project management! (more…)

IPMA Young Crew announces the Innovation Contest


IPMA Young Crew  is proud to announce:


Are you interested in:

  • Participating in a global network of PM community, to which you do not have access?
  • Getting  your ideas funded by IPMA?
  • Exploring new ways to create services and products which will raise visibility of the IPMA Young crew?
  • Better understanding  and improving your project management competencies?
  • Going to the Global Young Crew  Workshop 2014 in Rotterdam26-28th Sep 2014?


IPMA Young Crew Newsletter March 2014 issue has been published


And there you can find updates on our flagship projects: Global Young Crew Workshop, Young Project Manager of the Year, Global eCollaboration Competition. You can meet “The Project Manager of 2030″, a cartoon by Dr. Daniel Collado-Ruiz. We also published information on the upcoming events going on in different parts of the globe, as well as shared reviews from past events.

IPMA YC Pre-Anniversary Roundtable #1


Yes, that’s right – there is an Anniversary coming ahead. In 2015 the IPMA Young Crew will be 10 years old. We would like to use this opportunity to reflect on our future growth and to open a debate under the motto “What we, as the IPMA YC, want to be like when we grow up?”. This debate will be held during three virtual round tables along 2014, where invited guests – leaders, active volunteers, friends – will talk about our community and the possible paths before us. (more…)

Best Practices in Project Management – Find the perfect mix!


On May 23rd and 24th, 2014 the pma young crew Workshop will be held in Vienna, Austria – the annual highlight of the pma young crew events calender. This years focus will be on communication and conflict management. With five speakers already confirmed, we are happy to share some the highlights of the program with you:

The Young Project Manager of the Year 2014 – Making a difference!


The 2014 edition of the “Young Project Manager of the Year Award” event is coming. If you have an interesting project to present, if you are seeking for recognition, if you want to celebrate your project success, share your knowledge and insights with the IPMA community, and exploit many further benefits of your membership, then THIS is the correct address. Contact us!

IPMA Achievement Awards – Introduction to the Award categories


The IPMA current Project Excellence awards program is the largest, most prestigious global recognition program devoted solely to the advancement of the project management (PM) profession. In 2013, IPMA have expanded the program to include its new Project Achievement Awards.
The IPMA Achievement Awards provide opportunities for recognition at both project and individual level. Awards are divided into four categories to make sure that Applicants are assessed against projects of a similar nature. The four categories are:
• Community Service/Development Projects
• Internationally Funded Humanitarian Aid Project
• Project Manager of the Year
• Young Project Manager Award

Update on the IPMA Global Young Crew Workshop 2014


The 28th edition of the IPMA World Congress will be held from September 29th to October 1st in the City of Rotterdam, The Netherlands under the main theme: “Innovation through Dialogue”. The Global Young Crew Workshop will be held from September 26th to September 28th in the World Trade Center Rotterdam. (more…)

Past events: Young Crew SKI weekend 2014


In western part of Pohorje mountain, Slovenia, one little SKI resort called Kope has been placed. From 21st- 23rd February Kope was host of 24 enthusiastic, adventurous and cheerful Young Crew members from 7 different countries in the world. (more…)

Past events: Project manager Gundars Strazdiņš shares his experience with IPMA YC Latvia


At the beginning of December members of the IPMA YC Latvia received a kind invitation from project manager and chairman of IPMA YC Latvia Gundars Strazdiņš. It was for the nice and informal meeting on 14th December where Gundars shared his experience on running the project of „Studentu paradīze” („Students’ Paradise” – eng.) – the biggest annual student party in the Baltic States. You could learn many tips and stories about the key to success, challenges, team work and bits and pieces that you wouldn’t find in the books.


Past events: Airplane Factory Game in Latvia


In the evening of the 19th December 2013, 20 interested were attracted by the possibility to carry back the childhood memories and play with the paper airplanes. You would ask- why? It was a great chance to acquire Agile principles this way!


Young Crew Chile introduces their board members


We are pleased to present the board members of Young Crew Chile:
• Head of Research and Innovation:Mauricio Figueroa, figueroa.m (‘at’)
• Chairman :Miguel Mercado, mercadoma (‘at’)
• Head of Finances and Administration: Sebastián Encina, sebamx (‘at’)
• Head of Communications & Marketing: Susana Alcayaga, susana.alcayaga.a (‘at’)
• Head of Education and Training:Carlos Portilla, cmportilla (‘at’)
• Head of Public Relations: Marcel Paraud, contacto (‘at’)
• Chairman Elect: Miguel López, mlopez.ici (‘at’)


IPMA ICB4 Survey & the chance to win an iPad Mini


As many of us know, an IPMA team is working on ICB4, the 4th edition of the IPMA Competence Baseline. As part of IPMA’s legendary stakeholder engagement, the ICB4 team has compiled a survey, to be completed by Project, Program and Portfolio Managers–and managers of those persons.

GeCCo 2014 Kick-off


It’s time to start the third edition of the new and global project of IPMA Young Crew – Global eCollaboration Competition. The Core Team Kick-off meeting is planned for the coming Wednesday evening. David Conde (Spain) will meet the team, combined with Young Crew members all around the world (Australia, Austria, Croatia, Latvia, Slovenia) and will give a official GO to the team. During the meeting the team will meet also Niklas Bein (Germany), one of the initiators of the project, and Natalia Majcher (Poland), the current Product Owner of GeCCo.